Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sam Update for August 7, 2011 (Pics at end, video in post)

Well, Sam is starting to put a little weight on his repaired leg!  Thursday was a week after surgery and he seems to be healing well.  You can tell it is still a little tender, but he acts as though he wants to use it!  This is very good, due to the fact he use to curl it up and we were afraid we would have to continuously work it to encourage use of that leg.

You can also tell in this video, August 7, 2011, Sam wants to do nothing put play!  He lost a couple puppy teeth the other night and he shows that he is a puppy even more everyday!  He is going to be trouble here in a couple of weeks!  We just need to make sure he works up his strength before doing too much!

Thanks for reading and all of your continued support!

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