Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Fundraising Item Now Available (pics at end)!!!

We now have our first custom apparel item available for purchase just in time for Christmas!  Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue has boy short underwear available for $15.00 each (tax already included) in sizes S, M, & L.  We can ship the item but ask that the buyer cover the shipping due to all after tax proceeds go directly to the Rescue.  I know the USPS Flat Rate Shipping small box is $4.95.  However, I am more than happy to see what it costs to ship in a bubble wrapped envelope if it is cheaper.  

We are asking for payment directly from PayPal to PayPal so that there are no fees involved in the transactions.  Currently we have 4 pairs of Small, 4 pairs of Medium, & 1 pair of Large available for sale.  Two of the Larges need to be remade and one has already been sold.  If we do not have your size and have interest in additional pairs of this style we will reorder and have them ready ASAP.

PLEASE e-mail hartmanshaven@gmail.com BEFORE you purchase so that we can make sure your size is available for shipping.  We started with a small order, but plan to order more if the interest is there.  We also plan on printing on Women's Bikini style and Brief style in the near future as well. 


Both the Medium & Large pairs have been tried on and run true to size for Boy Shorts.  Please make sure you are familiar with this style and fit before ordering due to we will be unable to take returns on items if they are the wrong size.  We hope you understand the reasoning and respect the fact that re-selling underwear is not an issue we want to be involved in. 

Thanks for your support!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post Surgery Update on Sam's First FHO (pics at end)!!!

Well, Sam had an FHO a week ago from yesterday and is progressing very well!!!  He whines from time to time and you can tell he is in discomfort, but he is still his goofy, loving self.  He has 26 staples in his leg!

As for fundraising of this surgery goes, we are $99.00 short until we have reached our goal for the first leg!  Any donation, whether it be $1 or $5, it all adds up and goes to a great cause.  You can call in directly to the vet at 828-328-6697 and mention Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue and Sam, donate via PayPal, or mail a check to the rescue.

Invoice for the Surgery (does not count previous visit for x-rays & visit)
Thanks for your support!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update on Sam the Abused Pit Bull's Surgery and Fund-raising Request (Pics at end)

Hello friends of Sam! We would like to up date you on what has been happening with Sam over the last 3 weeks. After getting opinions from several vets we decided the best option for Sam would be to do a bilateral FHO with Dr. Moss at Veterinary Referrals of Hickory. With his history of having his blood pressure and pulse bottom out with anesthesia we wanted him to have 24 hour monitors and access to the best medical care he could have. After the surgeon giving us a rescue discount the FHO is $1,200 per hip. We had his right hip done yesterday (11/1/11). He did very well and was able to come home today. We are still in need of donations for this surgery and for his other hip surgery which will be performed in 3 months.

Donations can be sent via our chip in link: http://hartmanshavendogrescue.chipin.com/sams-hip-surgery

By calling the surgeon's office at:
828-328-6697 or 828-328-2660

Or mailed to:
Hartman's Haven
PO Box 742
Conover, NC 28613

Thank you all for your support and we appreciate any donations and/or forwarding on Sam's info!


Justin & Crystal

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Please Pray for Sam!

Sam is having his first surgery this morning and will have to stay the night.  We are still short on funds for the first leg, as well as the second, so please pass on the message!  Remember, even if you cannot donate, sharing his story and passing along helps us so much!