Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Pictures of Sam!

Sam is improving when it comes to using his leg.  He uses it pretty well with running, but still limps when he walks.  He is slowly becoming part of the Hartman Pack.  He is one of those dogs that gets right into everyone's faces and licks and nibbles like crazy!  Some of them are alright with that, others are slowly adjusting.  A week from tomorrow he will have his pin removed and neutered. 

Please continue to visit for updates of Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue and please keep spreading the word!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New videos!!!

Sorry for the longer than usual update!  Here are two videos of Sam & Friends!  

The video here Video 1 Sam is playing outside with Patrick (American Bull Dog/Boxer Mix), Patches (Blue Tick Coon Hound Mix), and Dana (Blue Tick Beagle) and is having a blast!  I think he wants Dana to be his girlfriend!

This video Video 2 is Sam inside with his friends.  You can tell he is getting exhausted and needs to work up his endurance!

I want to thank everyone for following us and PLEASE pass along our site, updates, and mission to anyone you think feels the same as you do!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Please Note!

I will be updating the main website and will not redirect to the blog for the next few days.  Please go directly to to view updates!



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sam Meets Patrick!!!

As Sam's recovery continues, we are slowly introducing him to our pack!  This evening it was Patrick's turn to meet sweet little Sam.  A short video of the encounter can be found here: Sam and Patrick.  Sam also got to meet Mocha, Patches, Chloe, and Sasha while inside.  He kept giving them all kisses and wanting to play with all of them.

We will continue to post updates, pictures, and videos so please check-in regularly!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Update on Sam!!!

Sam is doing very well and had a good check-up at the vet on Wednesday!  Yesterday he was able to play a little bit and we introduced him to Isabelle, the alpha of the house.  The encounter went very well and Isabelle took to Sam and he was loving the attention!

We will have at a minimum of a video this weekend so everyone can see how playful Sam is!

Thanks again for supporting Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue!!!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Request for Help!!!

Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue is VERY interested in creating  a book that we could use in our fundraising process!  We have no problem writing (or help writing with volunteers) a book that we could work on and get published.  The process has slowly been worked on during the past year

The item we need the most help with is the illustration.  If you, or anyone you know would like to help with this part of our publication we would be ecstatic with this gesture!  We have all intentions of including the individual(s) and/or business(es) involved in this process!  This is a great PR opportunity or one that can help in regards to ones resume!

If you have any questions, comments, etc., please contact Justin at or at 828-459-6522. 



We Need YOUR Help!!!

Hartman’s Haven Dog Rescue is in the process of raising sponsorships in order to produce a 2012 calendar showcasing some of the rescue animals from our community.  Our goal is to produce a minimum of 1,500 calendars and hope to be able to do more.   This is open to businesses and individuals. 

With the cause being helped by sponsorships, it will allow us to give calendars to those in the community who support the cause, but might not be able to pay the suggested donation.  We are asking that you consider a sponsorship opportunity and encourage you to ask any other questions regarding our mission, goals, and growth should you be interested.

We ask that you pass this to anyone that you think might be interested!!!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Sam, the Crazy, Loving Pit Bull

Well, as we all knew it, Sam is a GIANT lover!  He is still getting super excited when he see other dogs, as well as when he see Justin & Crystal!  He is putting more and more pressure on his back foot, showing the healing process, as he continues to improve!

Last night he made his first jump onto Justin's lap while he was on the couch.  This was VERY unexpected and needed both back legs in order to do this!  Then today, he jumped up on the couch twice by himself, and acted as if it were no big deal that he did this!  It has been very difficult to keep him under wraps and make sure he did not get super crazy and out of hand while in his healing process.
Sam has 3 more weeks as of this coming Thursday to get his pin out and neutered.  Without YOUR support this would not be possible and we THANK you with all of our hearts!  Please note, Sam would have been neutered when he went under the first time but his vitals went below the safe rate to do this while fixing his leg!  
Sam is continuously receiving the LOVE he DESERVES and Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue appreciates EVERYTHING you do to pass our message along!!!  Without you, we would not be able to do what we do.  Please note, even the forwarding, mentioning, sharing, etc. of our message HELPS more than you even understand!!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Bark at the Park

We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the Hickory Crawdads organization and Bark Mobile for allowing Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue and Forever Home Canine Rescue for allowing us to set-up a table, bring foster dogs available for adoption, and spread the word of dog rescue!  We appreciate all that you do and are thankful for the opportunities you gave us!

We would also like to apologize to all of our followers that we forgot to take any pictures!  We hope everyone had a great Friday night like we did!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sam, 13 days after Surgery!!! (Pics at the end)

Well, as you have seen, Sam is doing amazing for what had happened to him!  He will have the pin in his leg removed in 4 weeks, and then be neutered while under.  Please note, he was supposed to be neutered when the leg was fixed, but earlier in our posts we noted that his vitals dropped to unsafe numbers while the break was being fixed.  

We would like to thank everyone again for their support, donations, word of mouth, and just the fact that YOU care!  Always remember, YOU do make a difference and WE appreciate YOU making that difference!



Monday, August 8, 2011

Join Us Friday, August 12, 2011!!!

Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue will be at L.P. Frans Stadium on Friday for "Bark at the Park" with the Hickory Crawdads!!!  For details, directions, tickets, etc.  Please visit the Hickory Crawdad website here:  Hickory Crawdads on the Web .  We have also invited Forever Home Canine Rescue (Visit their site) and Barks and Wiggles Boxer Rescue (Visit their site) for the event.  

We would love to see anyone that can make it and PLEASE stop by and say hello!  Remember, ONE individual CAN and DOES make a difference when it comes to animal well-being and Rescues in our state of North Carolina, and throughout OUR Nation!!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sam Update for August 7, 2011 (Pics at end, video in post)

Well, Sam is starting to put a little weight on his repaired leg!  Thursday was a week after surgery and he seems to be healing well.  You can tell it is still a little tender, but he acts as though he wants to use it!  This is very good, due to the fact he use to curl it up and we were afraid we would have to continuously work it to encourage use of that leg.

You can also tell in this video, August 7, 2011, Sam wants to do nothing put play!  He lost a couple puppy teeth the other night and he shows that he is a puppy even more everyday!  He is going to be trouble here in a couple of weeks!  We just need to make sure he works up his strength before doing too much!

Thanks for reading and all of your continued support!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A GIANT thanks to CLAREMONT FAMILY MEDICINE for being a Sponsor!!! (Pics at the end)

Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue is proud to announce Claremont Family Medicine as a sponsor and thank them for their generous monetary support as well! 

Please visit their website here:  Claremont Family Medicine

Dr. Mark Hawkins, his family, and his staff have been long-term supporters of our Rescue and of causes in Catawba County.

Here are some photos of Dr. Hawkins and the staff presenting a check to Crystal with foster dogs Sam (pit bull), Dana (beagle), and Sophia (boxer):

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sam Update August 1, 2011 (Pics at the end)

Sam is in good spirits despite the fact his leg is swollen and sore!  He is starting to eat at each meal and continues to stay plenty hydrated!

He gets very excited if any other dogs are out when he is and like a puppy wants to do nothing but play!  He is going to be a handful when he is all healed up!

Here is a video of him this evening:  Sam August 1, 2011

When his "roommates" are brought into the bedroom he looks up and starts to wag and try to give kisses to anyone who dates comes near.

We appreciate everyone's continued support!