Monday, August 15, 2011

Sam, the Crazy, Loving Pit Bull

Well, as we all knew it, Sam is a GIANT lover!  He is still getting super excited when he see other dogs, as well as when he see Justin & Crystal!  He is putting more and more pressure on his back foot, showing the healing process, as he continues to improve!

Last night he made his first jump onto Justin's lap while he was on the couch.  This was VERY unexpected and needed both back legs in order to do this!  Then today, he jumped up on the couch twice by himself, and acted as if it were no big deal that he did this!  It has been very difficult to keep him under wraps and make sure he did not get super crazy and out of hand while in his healing process.
Sam has 3 more weeks as of this coming Thursday to get his pin out and neutered.  Without YOUR support this would not be possible and we THANK you with all of our hearts!  Please note, Sam would have been neutered when he went under the first time but his vitals went below the safe rate to do this while fixing his leg!  
Sam is continuously receiving the LOVE he DESERVES and Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue appreciates EVERYTHING you do to pass our message along!!!  Without you, we would not be able to do what we do.  Please note, even the forwarding, mentioning, sharing, etc. of our message HELPS more than you even understand!!!


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