Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sam July 30, 2011 Update (Pics at the end)

Well, Sam is in good spirits even though he is still in pain.  His leg is very swollen from surgery but this is normal according to the vet.  He gets very happy and excited when he sees us and other dogs, and you can tell he wishes he could play.

Here is a video of him when he got home after surgery:  Sam July 28, 2011 Post-Op

We want to thank everyone for their support!  Those who have donated, tweeted/re-tweeted, e-mailed to friends, liked Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue on Facebook, and everything in between have been nothing but a blessing to Sam and the Dog Rescue Community in general!  Without you, we would never be able to make a difference.  We want to reinforce that passing along the message is just as important as donating and that everyone involved is appreciated!

Justin took a trip to PETCO Friday night to pick up some high quality food for Sam.  While he was there, he also found some toys to get this good looking boy a start to a great life as well as some natural treats to help in the healing process.

Sam is a very happy boy, but does not like to take his pills very well.  The pain meds have a bitter taste so he gets mad at Crystal and gets the puppy dog/mad look when he gets them.  He is also on chewable calcium pills, which have been a chore due to him still not feeling well and getting him to eat.  We are currently mixing Natural Recipe wet food with his Natural Recipe dry food to entice him to eat.  He is slowing eating, but at least drinking very well, so hopefully he puts on the weight he needs.

Once again, thank you to everyone!  Please forward our blog, re-tweet us, donate, like us on Facebook, or just plain tell our story to someone and hope it makes a difference! 


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