Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sam the Abused Pit bull Pup and his story (Pics at the end)

A friend of mine called me today and asked that I come get a dog from their medical office (for humans). She said when they got to work this dog was sitting outside the doors. They unlocked the building and went inside. The doors are automatic and as they were getting everything turned on the doors opened and the dog walked right in and curled up in a corner of the waiting room as if he said, ok, I am first in line to be seen, please help me!

I went and picked him up and realized this dog was in severe pain and limping, but still very sweet and tried to crawl into my lap. He looked at me with those big brown eyes and gave a couple of kisses. He needed immediate vet attention so I drove him back to my personal vet. He sat in the passenger side of my van all the way to the vet and barely moved he hurts so bad. He seems exhausted. Here are the findings:

1. X-ray confirmed he has a severe femoral fracture (x-ray attached). But no signs of any road rash. We think this is physical abuse from a person.
2. Approx 5 months old, still has puppy teeth.

3. Home ear cropping, his ears are almost gone. Looks like someone cut them off with scissors.

4. Emaciated with ribs showing and his belly rumbling.

5. Healed scars over face and neck, from dog bites (bait dog or fighting dog in training).

6. Not neutered.

Here is a video of him at the vet yesterday:  Sam July 27, 2011 and Sam July 27, 2011 Video 2
His vet costs are going to be approximately $700. After treating parvo pups for the last 2 weeks with a huge bill and now this our account is drained. Please consider donating so we can have this guy his much needed surgery!

You can donate by clicking the PayPal symbol on the top right of the page or by mailing a check to the following address:

Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 742
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We thank you all for reading our story.  Even if you cannot donate, please do your part protecting animals and being a voice for them.  Forwarding this along means just as much as donating!

Justin & Crystal

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