Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Post Surgery Update on Sam's First FHO (pics at end)!!!

Well, Sam had an FHO a week ago from yesterday and is progressing very well!!!  He whines from time to time and you can tell he is in discomfort, but he is still his goofy, loving self.  He has 26 staples in his leg!

As for fundraising of this surgery goes, we are $99.00 short until we have reached our goal for the first leg!  Any donation, whether it be $1 or $5, it all adds up and goes to a great cause.  You can call in directly to the vet at 828-328-6697 and mention Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue and Sam, donate via PayPal, or mail a check to the rescue.

Invoice for the Surgery (does not count previous visit for x-rays & visit)
Thanks for your support!


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