Monday, October 10, 2011

Sam the Abused Pit Bull Update/Fund-raising Request (Pics included)

We would like to start this post by thanking all of those who supported Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue when we broke the news about Sam and his broken leg.  The monetary support, as well as the support given by e-mail, phone, and word of mouth, were a blessing and it helped make sure Sam could have the proper surgery needed to make sure he did not live in pain.

He had his pin in for 6 weeks and it seemed as though everything went smoothly.  The repair and the surgery itself healed great.  However, after the pin was removed Sam still appeared to be in pain. He was very cautions when he would sit down, very slow with standing up, and would only run a few feet without stopping. We took him back to the vet and the news was devastating. Sam has severe hip dysplasia in both of his legs.  We have received 2 estimates for surgery, one for TPO and one for FHO.  The quote for the TPO came in at $1,895 - $2,200 a hip, plus the initial consultation exam of $85.  This means the range for the TPO surgery is between $3,875 - $4,485.  The FHO will run between $1,885 - $2,500 from what we have been quoted as estimates so far.  We are currently waiting for estimates from additional veterinary hospitals in order to evaluate where we can get the best quality for the best price.  We are also seeking additional comments from veterinary surgeons in order to make sure which procedure will be best for Sam and maintaining a comfortable life.  We are more than happy to e-mail anyone the quotes and/or veterinarians numbers for verification if anyone would like that.  I will be posting those on the blog as soon as I have digital copies.

Donations can be sent via our chip in link:
or mailed to:
Hartman's Haven
PO Box 742
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Please follow the updates at and pass along Sam's story to as many individuals as you can!


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