Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Update of Sam (Pics at the End)!!!

Sorry for the delay on the update(s)!  We are still grateful for all who check-in, follow us, forward us, talk to us, and just downright support canine advocacy!   I had my dates wrong, so Sam will have his pin removed and neutered this coming week.

 Isabelle, the Boxer, is the canine pack leader within our household.  She does not always welcome new dogs, especially crazy pups who like to get in your face and lick like crazy, i.e. Sam!!!  However, she is doing great with him and accepting him very well!  She gets wiggly and does her wiggle butt dance and plays with him.  She gets a little tired of the licking at times and puts him in his place.  Sam keeps up his good spirits and continues on to play.  He is still working on his stamina and wears out pretty quick, but he is getting better day by day!

He has recently been spending more and more time out with the pack and us, and is adapting well.  At first he was very confused and you could tell he was like "a soft bed, fresh water, and love?!?!  What is all of this!" and did everything he could to stay awake.  He know lies on a dog bed, on the love seat or next to another dog and takes a nap just like the rest of the pack!  We are working on his house training because you can tell he was never in a home to know where he cannot use the bathroom.  

I, Justin, am looking forward to his pin being removed and his leg totally healed so I can start working on commands.  It will take time with the "sit" due to him not being able to sit properly for quite some time.  As soon as he is able and gets it, I feel very strong "shake" will be not too far behind!

Thanks again for all your support!  All of the support you give helps us continue on!


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